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What better way to bring your team together than a 1-hour workshop offered from the comfort of your office or boardroom. Your corporate team will be given the opportunity to learn nutritional and lifestyle tips on how to maximize efficiency by enhancing health and minimizing stress. Radiate Wellness encourages a positive and supportive working environment by using unique team-building platforms. For organizations that value their employee’s individual health, we offer one-on-one consultations, which include a body nutrient analysis, coaching and follow-up sessions with personalized meal plans and lifestyle programs.

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What Corporations are saying about working with Radiate Wellness

“I can’t thank you enough for your effort and the knowledge you’ve passed along to me. Your passion for health and wellness is contagious. You’ve clearly found your passion. Thanks for taking to much time and for making me feel so at ease to open up. I look forward to focusing on my nutrition with your incredible help.”
Theresa Sinclair , CEO of Life Simplified
“As a working professional, your mind needs to be as sharp as the body does to a professional athlete. It was soon after I met with Sandra that I came to appreciate that the mind and body are one, and a healthy body is truly a healthy mind. Sandra’s integrative and compassionate approach helped me to recognize areas of my health and eating habits that were proving to be a detriment to my health. I had adjusted my eating habits to accommodate a certain lifestyle, as opposed to adjusting my lifestyle to fit with the right habits. Sandra also worked in close collaboration with other family members of mine, where she was able to identify genetic risks that I was predisposed to, but that could be modified with dietary adjustments. I would recommend Sandra and radiate wellness to any working professional who thinks they just don’t have the time.”
Beth Mc Neil, Canadian Men's Field Hockey Athlete, 2016 | Olympian
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