Corporate Wellness

Your employees are your greatest asset.

How are you supporting their well-being?

Radiate Wellness Inc. offers an easy & enjoyable Zoom course designed to support corporate team wellness in any work sphere.

Six Weeks to Wellness

Simple yet essential nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness tips Presented in 6 half-hour Zoom sessions

Hosted by Sandra Millward, CNP, ROHP

Week 1: Water and Its Importance for Wellness

Week 2: Avoid an Emotional Eating Rabbit Hole

Week 3: Keep Your Immune System Strong

Week 4: Exercise That Feels Good, Not Punishing

Week 5: Make a Healthy Meal in Just 15 Minutes!

Week 6: Recap, Q & A, and a gift for all attendees!

Sandra Millward

Certified Nutritional and Orthomolecular Health Practioner Radiate Wellness Inc.

Six Weeks to Wellness

  • Corporate Team Rates start at $1,200
  • Sliding scale rates available for registered non-profit organizations

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