Fitness fans and healthy agers love their genes!

I am a clinical and orthomolecular nutritionist and a travelling chef. For over a decade I have had the privilege of working with Olympic/elite athletes, which has been amazing fun! But I also specialize in healthy aging, which I am passionate about. None of us are exempt from growing older, and I advocate for doing it proactively, to prevent the medicalization of what can be a natural, gentle process. At 56, I can attest that aging happens, but it doesn’t have to spell rapid decline, decrease in energy, loss of strength, or chronic disease.

The secret sauce?
In my practice, what makes the difference is science, blended with good, old-fashioned common sense, spiced with my trials and tribulations from years of clinical practice and travels.

As I have compiled abundant data from my elite athletes, the correlation between health and proactive aging has become very clear. And oxidative stress is amongst the most important factors to attend to.

How do I address oxidative stress and slow my aging?

🏋- Weight train 2x/week. This stimulates mitochondria. They perform when they work harder!
🌿-Eat whole foods, every day. Nourish every 30 trillion cells in your body
💧-Fast — Eat to 80% to full capacity, intermittent fast, or weekly fast. This stimulates the removal of dead, lazy, and diseased cells.
💥- Use NMN and Resveratrol – further explained below

Why NMN?
This nucleotide can suppress age-associated weight gain; enhance metabolism and physical activity; improve insulin sensitivity and eye function; and prevent age-linked changes in gene expression.

Why Resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a bioactive compound naturally occurring in many foods. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, glucose and lipid regulatory effects, and immunomodulatory and neuroprotective effects. It can impact against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular conditions, cancer, liver disease, obesity, diabetes, and various chronic illnesses.

Who to trust?
In over 20 years of service in the wellness industry, I have worked with many natural vitamin and food companies. So, when I make recommendations on sourcing quality food and nutraceutical supplements, I do so wholeheartedly.

One of my most recent finds is a vitamin line that comes from a small company on beautiful Vancouver Island called Arcwell Health. I was so pleased with my personal results with this brand that I decided to hop on a ferry to visit Arcwell’s facilities. I got to see the careful and exacting measures that are taken, every day, to ensure the best raw material sourcing. I was greatly impressed by their rigorous scientific testing, the impeccable state of the facility, and all the details that guarantee the best raw material sourcing and efficacy of their products. I stand by their integrity and will be recommending my clients to use these products.

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Before considering using these or any other supplements, it’s advisable to consult your trusted healthcare professional. You are welcome to reach on my website for some more information about aging well and if my holistic approach to aging-well programs will work for you.