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Protein from animal source takes longer to digest and if we are lacking in strong intestinal health, such as Hydrochloric acid and good gut flora, it can putrefy and create uncomfortable and odorous gas.

Consider using nuts and seeds as your fast-food quick protein source. Turn your regular foods into Protein bombs by adding flax to your pancakes or muffins, snacking on cashews instead of crackers or chips, use 22 Almonds or 1 tablespoon of quality almond butter to get your protein for your mid-afternoon snack or add to your smoothie.

Why do I need protein?

  • Muscle growth
  • healthy weight loss by boosting metabolism and increase fat burning
  • increase bone density
  • lowers blood pressure
  • helps your body to repair after injury (think about muscle recovery after exercise or sport)
  • age gracefully by avoiding the age-related disease, sarcopenia.
  • Protein keeps muscles strong and bones stronger!

Eat approximately 54 g of protein per day

Athletes: 75- g per day

Check based on your weight and activity level

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