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Did you know you can get protein in your veggies?

Protein from animal source takes longer to digest than plants. That protein is more quickly available to give us energy, while I our bodies are still trying to break down meat. If we are lacking in strong intestinal health (very common), such as lack of Hydrochloric acid and healthy gut flora, meat can also putrefy and create uncomfortable and embarrassing odorous gas. Think “eat your greens for Protein!” You will need to eat more plants to get daily requirements, – fill your plate, your body will love that for the fiber and other nutrients, as well as the protein. Simply, ‘booster’ your plant foods with added nuts and seeds, or legumes to get that protein sources to jump up quickly on your menu. If you can’t digest plants very well, try steaming, roasting, sautéing or taking a digestive enzyme before eating. When I am on tour with the team, or on a film gig, I often add plant-based protein powder to boost baked goods, salad dressings, and energy orbs.

Eat approximately 54 g of protein per day

Athletes: 75 g per day

Check based on your weight and activity level

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