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What is a legume? The legume family consists of plants that produce a pod with seeds inside.

Protein from animal source takes longer to digest than plants. If we are lacking in strong intestinal health, such as low Hydrochloric acid and lack of good gut flora, meat can putrefy and create uncomfortable and embarrassing odorous gas. Try loading up on legumes to increase your protein. Legumes are one the best plant-based sources of protein, are nutritious, and fairly inexpensive for budget conscious health seekers. Phytic acid in plants and legumes can create gastric upset and is remedied with a digestive enzyme until your body gets used to them. If you historically have consumed significant amounts of meat and have low digestive acids in the gut, it just takes time to transition. Simple ways of releasing the phytic acid is by purchasing your legumes in cans and rinsing very well. Other options are soak, boil, or ferment your legumes.

Eat approximately 54 g of protein per day

Athletes: 75 g per day

Check based on your weight and activity level

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