The Dig-a-Little Deeper Program


The Dig-a-Little Program takes a deeper, more extensive approach towards the relationship between your nutrition and your health. With a phase-style system, this program is perfect for anyone who desires to achieve their ultimate health goals – whether that be weight loss, fatigue, mental health, aging, gut health, or to improve your athletic performance -with the added level of guidance with clinical support along their journey.



The Details:

You will be sent an online request to complete a Nutri-body® online assessment. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete. Once filled out, and received at Studio Radiate Wellness, our team of nutritionists will review and analyze your assessment form to create.

You will also have an intake session* with Sandra. This session is intended to review your specific concerns, your family history, current lifestyle factors, stressors, medications, family history, and any other important factors that may come up that are interfering with your best health journey.

*Please note: we offer in-person and virtual options for your sessions.

After your session, the nutritionists at Radiate Wellness will develop a personalized program based on the information taken from your online assessment and your intake session. This program is tailored to specifically to supporting your body and tackle your chief health concerns. This includes the following:

Biomechanical Weakness Assessment
This assessment gives you a breakdown of your body’s biomechanical weakness, and how they are contributing to your health concerns


Wellness Plan
A 2-phase plan to reverse your weaknesses and combat your health concerns


Personalized Food, Vitamin and Lifestyle Recommendations
These recommendations are made to support and improve those weaknesses


Food Journal
This journal is meant to keep detailed track of your nutrition and determine where you need additional support


Vitamin and Mineral Index
This index equips you with the nutritional information needed to support your health and wellness

This program is ideal for the individual that is looking for more support and guidance on their health journey. With a 2-phase plan and an intake session with Sandra, this program is perfect for anyone seeking to RADIATE WELLNESS with a more guided and intimate approach.


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