The Independent Program


The Independent program is perfect for anyone leading a fairly healthy lifestyle and wants to take things to the next level, on their own. This program equips you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve your health goals – whether that be weight loss, fatigue, mental health, aging, gut health, athletic performance – under your own management.



The Details:

You will be sent an online request to complete a Nutri-body® online assessment. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete. Once filled out, and received at Studio Radiate Wellness, our team of nutritionists will review and analyze your assessment form.

Together, they will develop a personalized program for you, tailored to supporting your body to tackle your chief concerns. This program includes the following:


Biomechanical Weakness Assessment
This assessment gives you a breakdown of your body’s biomechanical weakness, and how they are contributing to your health concerns


Personalized Food, Vitamin and Lifestyle Recommendations
These recommendations are made to support and improve those weaknesses


Vitamin and Mineral Index
This index equips you with the nutritional information needed to support your health and wellness


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